Outsourcing is one of Dukstra’s core competencies. We deliver improved efficiency, enhancements and cost savings by following an outcome-based model. Some key reasons why our clients choose to outsource software development or support functions to us are:

  • Access to exceptional resources – with the severe software skills shortage in the country, in-house development teams often outsource certain aspects of a project to us to benefit from the collective expertise of a specialized team
  • Improved company focus – focus on growing the business while we implement the technologies that move their businesses forward
  • Maximize restructuring benefits – rest assured that non-core business functions are looked after while they improve on costs, quality, and service

Our outsourcing services include:

  • outsourced software development
  • outsourced CTO functions
  • fully outsourced IT and desktop support

We take care of your software needs so you can improve company focus.