As a Software Tester wanting to go into Test Automation, I am currently learning a programming language called Python. Python is a high-level, interpreted and general-purpose language. It can be used to build just about anything. Python was released in 1991 and was named after the television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus.



While I was reading about which language to learn, I took notes on why people chose Python over other programming languages and here are some pointers that i found:


1- Less Code, Less Time, Less money

     Python typically involves less code which means that it would take less time to complete

     whatever you are working on

     – This allows you to work more quickly and efficiently

     – It also means less money will be spent


2- Simple and Easy to Learn

     Python is a simple language which is easy to read and learn

     – It is clear and easy to understand

     – It reads like English

        Eg: If you want to type Hello, World!, all you would need to type is: print(“Hello, World!”)


3- It is a High-Level Language

     You never have to worry about low-level details such as managing the memory used by your

     programme, etc.


4- Popularity/ Future

     According to the TIOBE index, Python is the third most popular programming language

     and it is growing very quickly



5- Open Source Frameworks and Tools

     Python is an open source programming language.

     – You can also use several open source Python frameworks, libraries and development

        tools such as Django, PyQT, etc.


6- Flexible

     Python is very flexible, as it is a dynamically typed language



Python is suitable for many things, such as: building web applications, games development, scripting, data science, and AI and machine learning. Some large companies that use Python include: Google (YouTube), Facebook (Tornado), Dropbox, Yahoo, NASA, IBM, Mozilla and Quora.